Kill a Tree or Save Life

Topics: Meaning of life, Human, Natural environment Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Why Human Life?
Most people would say that human life is a precious thing, and that taking it away from someone by force is not righteous. Most would also say that non-human life is less valuable, and most if they are pushed to consider it would say that the value of a life is based on the intelligence of that creature. These facts are obviously the truth, about humans being more valuable the non-human. Human life is not a tree that can be replanted or grow again. Once a human life is gone it is gone forever in other hand, if a tree is cut down it can be replanted. Only thing about replanting a tree is that it takes longer to grow to its full length. There is no way we should compare human life to a mere tree. No matter how much sense you try to make out of the value of a tree’s life, human life is much more valuable than a tree because humans have family to look after, take care of the environment, and most of all human life is precious with feelings. Family is valuable thing to have because we are important and need each other, a group of loyal supporters. What we think and how we feel matters to our family, because nobody cares more about us than the members of our families. At least, that's how it should be. Treating our parents, children, Spouses or siblings with care the more we will bond as a family. Our families also hold the keys to understanding and appreciating ourselves. Nobody can relate better to us then our own brothers and sisters that shared so many experiences with us. Nobody can love us more selflessly then our own mother and father who sacrificed daily for so many years to raise us. The better we get to understand our parents and siblings the better we understand ourselves as well. When we can count on each other and lean on each for everything, that’s how family will work out fine. If we walk away on family when everything is going well for us and run back when things are going wrong, then that will break apart the...
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