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The one thing that is most important to me is family because family gives you a sense of belonging, where we learn all of life’s challenges, and where we learn how to except all the experiences what we have encountered and what we will encounter in life.

Family is important to me because it makes me feel excepted in life. Having a sense of belonging in a family is vital because they will always care for you and support you in good times and in bad times. Also having a sense of belonging in a family can set your moral standards high, as well as giving you a boost of encouragement.

Family is important to me because it teaches us about life’s challenges. Life is full of challenges. Some are easy to over come, but most likely, most are difficult to undertake without some guidance that our families can show us. Parents have to go through so much to support their family financial and psychologically. Life has taught parents many lessons of great value so when their children grow up, they can help them undertake some of life’s most difficult challenges in the beginning of a young adults life and surpass them.

Family is important to me because they are the ones who help us except all of the experiences that we have encountered and the ones that we will encounter in our lifetime. Some of the experiences we have encountered in life and how we handled them can sometimes describe us. It can describe if we were brave, scared, happy, and more. But no matter if the situation is good or bad, our families are they for us and will comfort us with their love. If it is a bad situation, they are the ones who stand beside us and helps us back onto our feet so we can continue on in our life because sometimes you have to stand up, even when standing isn’t easy. If it’s a good time, they are the ones who there beside us cheering us on and motivating us to push harder in life.

Family is the most important thing...
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