Found Objects

Topics: High school, Thing, Middle school Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Carrington Lucas
Spring 2013
Essay 1
Found Object Essay
As I stumble my way through life, I found the one thing that the thing that is very important to me my family. Nothing compares how greatly family impacts people. I can’t imagine myself having a career that doesn’t involve helping my family or others’. I want family to be a part of my life, regardless if I am being an orthodontist for children or working in finance making sure that families are financially stable. There are many reasons why family is important to me. All of those reasons define who I am and who I will be in the future. My first reason why family is important to my life is because they have always been there for me. Many of my peers succeed at certain sports or even various classes like English or Calculus. Although, I did struggle with my other activities and curriculum classes, family has always been there. Throughout middle school and high school, I competed with my friend for captain of the soccer team. I didn’t beat him until eighth grade when my hard work finally paid off. Because of this, I now realize how dedication and persistence can help someone achieve one’s goals. If I never decided to join the soccer team and compete for first captain, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to challenge myself and gain the skills and characteristics that would benefit me throughout the rest of my life, if it had not been for my family pushing me to excel. Another reason why family is important to my life is because of the knowledge I am exposed to. Nothing is more exhilarating to me than listening to wisdom or just encouraging words that seem to mean nothing to me at first glance then being able to apply them later in life. Lastly, my most important reason is because music has made my relationship with God closer than ever, because of everything I have gained through family, I am confident I’m going in the right direction with my life. I have finally found my passion for helping...
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