Khind Strategic Management

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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Khind Business Strategies
In order to manage the business operation effectively, Khind corporate focus on the lower cost strategy and the differentiation strategy. The purpose of the company obviously is to maintain the price of the company’s products through the low cost materials, produce and market a comparable product more efficiently than its competitors and economies of scale and provide the unique products with the special features to expand their market share. 1.0 Competitive Strategies (Porter’s competitive strategies) 1.1Lower Cost Strategy

Khind Company adapted lower cost strategy as one of their business strategy because their ability to design, produce and market a comparable product more efficiently with its competitors. For example, Khind is a company in Malaysia that can has the cheaper raw material and cheaper labor if compare to other competitors form the other country such as from Japan. By that, Khind Company can produce and maintain their product in lower price with lower cost to gain advantage with the other competitors. So that, the market share of the company could be maintain and increase.

1.2 Differentiation Strategy
The intense competition among the corporate in the same industry have been forced the Khind Company to search an innovation and new technology. In order to differentiate the company product by the other substitute products that can be maintain the profit and sales growth, Khind Company producing a new technology product that is a new saving energy lamps in the year 2009. According to the CEO Company, Mr Cheng Ping Keat, said that due to the global warming issue, the company launching a new technology area in this industry. This offer the customers a cost effective viable choice and the new energy saving lamp can save up electricity consumption among the household and the corporate sector. This new product had achieved the requisite international compliance standards as marked under the International Electro...
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