Key Elements to the Success of Fair Trade

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Globalization becomes the current trend of the world. People can easily enjoy foods coming from across the border. When having a cup of coffee in Starbucks, people drink the coffee beans from Africa or when having a dinner, people eat rice from Asia. It all thanks to the trading system. Unlike trade in general, Fair trade gives farmers more benefits. According to Fair trade International (2011), the sales of Fairtrade certified products grew 15% and in 2009, Fairtrade certified sales amounted to approximately €3.4 billion worldwide from 2008 to 2009. Thus, Fair Trade has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world with more than 70 countries where Fair trade products are sold. The stories of Fair trade seem to be successful but it bases on other elements behind that perfect picture. To begin with, people should know the definition of Fair Trade while using it. Fair trade is an organization helping people in developing countries to export their products at better prices. They create changes for producers and workers to secure themselves with the sustainable development. They offer not only better prices, but also decent working conditions, local sustainability, and moreover fair terms of trade for people in the developing countries. There are three principles that Fair trade organizations must follow (Munoz 2011). The areas its concerns are economic development, environmental development and social development. The first principal assists the producers to cover the cost of the sustainable production by letting the buyers to pay the minimum price. The second principle requires workers and producers to grow their products using safe and environment friendly agricultural methods. For example, they must minimize the use of chemicals on the products, maintaining the soil and the water and also managing waste accurately. Finally, it recommends the producers to create a well-organized structure. It should be transparent and accountable. In addition, the...
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