Key's to Safe Driving

Topics: Stop sign, Traffic, Road Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Key's to Safe Driving
When people first find out that I am from Germany, the response I most often get is an admiring look, a long sigh and a comment “Ah, the Autobahn – no speed limit.” For those who do not know, the Autobahn in Germany is comparable to an interstate in the United States of America. It truly is, but for a few exceptions, without a speed limit. From the awed comments, I gather, that what Americans covet most is speed, as is evident on the highways every day. A blatant disregard for traffic laws, rules and regulations often accompanies this craving for driving fast. As a result, an average driver experiences a lot of stress, encounters dangerous situations, and has to deal with inappropriate behavior daily. Any real driving pleasure is lost; reckless driving poses a threat to the safety of people in our community and elsewhere. This must change; the welfare of motorists and pedestrians has to be our main concern. Together, we can achieve greater safety on our roadways for all participants by obeying rules and regulations, using common sense, and extending courtesy to drivers and pedestrians alike. This translates into a few simple do’s and do not’s. Do not use excessive speed. My subdivision, as do many others in the Katy area, prominently displays a sign at each entrance advising visitors and residents to please drive slowly, because “we ♥ our children.” Judging by the speed in which drivers zoom down the streets, it is obvious that the signs do not produce intended results. Does the phrase “we love our children” only apply to one’s own children? Should we not slow down for our neighbor’s children, as well? How would we feel if the person living next door to us would not slow down for our kids as they are crossing the road or playing in the street? When we use unwarranted speeds on any street, we can quickly find ourselves in dangerous situations. Weather or road conditions, inexperienced drivers and other outside influences can compound these...
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