Mod1 Case

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Module-1 CASE
BUS-303 Business Communication
Sheryl Kristensen

WHEN did the DMV hire drivers to cause rush hour?
When I was growing up, driving a few blocks over to the old super market (not so super compared to Wal-mart) it only took but 20 minutes including parking, grab and go groceries with check out plus the occasional stop light. Then you are safely home cooking dinner. What happened?

Now that we are in the future with more and more people buying vehicles, it’s no wonder it’s a challenge just to drop the kids off at school. I mean ok, most people say avoid traffic and leave early. Anybody else out there ever hear of that saying? Guess what? So have the rest of those snail moving people out there. The major problem lies not because of so many people, but the select few that fear the speed limit. Oh yes, I know you have seen it every day. Maybe you are the one reading this. But is it really that hard to go the speed limit or at LEAST mind your damn business. Minding your own business is the other problem. People can’t seem to figure out traffic build up is also caused by rubber neckers. You know when you see the bright blue and red from the fuzz on the right side of the road. I mean come on, the person pulled over is already embarrassed enough. They don’t need you eyeballing them up and down while you pass. I’m sure that person passed you up going 80 mph 10 minutes ago, only because you were going 60 in a 65 mph. Don’t even get me started with merging. Holy crap! What an ordeal in California. Especially down here in San Diego. Yes, lets all travel on the right side of an 8 lane highway. (8 meaning 4 lanes per side). I mean come on, at the very least take the second to the right lane. Like I’ve always said since I was younger, I think the DMV has paid people to drive slow, rubber neck, break check, and avoid using their turning signals. Ah yes turning signals. You know the little amber colored lights that are on the front and back of your vehicle. Yes that’s it, you got it. I think it’s ridiculous that if there is an authority figure around that people use their turning signals, but again, I sit in my car, annoyed at the fact that if I didn’t use my turning signal to move over I would either get a ticket OR the person behind me would flash me with high beams or on the occasion catch them flipping the bird, possibly that person up so far of your cars ass that YOU feel like you’re getting a colonoscopy. For the record I’m not the perfect driver. Yes I tend to speed, I change my radio station, and on the occasion I put my phone on speaker to answer a phone call. But what I don’t do is gaulk like seagulls and stare at a car crash that’s on the OTHER side of the road. I use my turn signals, even if… EVEN IF there is no one behind me. If we all stop and think about what we are doing, then maybe it might be a surprise that YOU do one of the following listed. I’m not saying we should all speed. Gas prices are a bitch, I understand completely. But don’t go freaking 55mph in a 65. Please, PLEASE use your turning signals at the very least. Think about when someone cut you off without any warning and how that made you feel. I don’t just blame the young generation, I blame the elder generation as well. Ever hear the expression, “you drive like an old lady?” Yep I have, and I know you have to. Where do you think it came from hmmm? Either up your speed, take the bus, or give up on driving. The world as we know it is evolving and becoming faster. More and more people want faster fast food, fast high speed internet, rocket cars, and instant delivery of internet purchases. But when it comes to driving to work or just plan commuting it’s at an all around stop. People want to talk on their cell phones, text, tweet, and update their social networking site about the crash they just seen, causing hours of backup on the freeway daily. Is it really hard, too much to ask for, to just drive like you are...
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