Kelsey Elementary School Website Improvement Plan

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During an evaluation performed over the last few weeks for the Kelsey Elementary School Website, Team B has noted that there were many pieces of information that were gathered as to the strengths and weaknesses of the company. We thoroughly examined these strengths and weakness and determined the 5 best possible fixes to update. Team B has added a Search box in the upper corner. Site Search is an important aspect to website design these days. There are two things that can happen in developing a search function. First, the search function returns results that “miss the mark,” or aren’t even close to the search the user was looking for. Second, is that the search function works so well that you’ve created a trust with the users that’s unbreakable, which allows you to gain valuable usability data as well as meeting the needs of the users. Team B built the Search function for the second reason. Possible customers will need a way to search within Kelsey elementary school website, just for the simple fact that of the sheer volume of information that is contain within the elementary website and its “sister sites.” In order to make the information more usable and accessible to possible future customers is to create the search function that not only searches the Kelsey Elementary school site but also its “sister sites” as well. We at Team B have limited the search function so as to not overload the customer with information. The Search is limited to the “sites” contained and no outer sources are used. We decided on this function so that Kelsey Elementary can gain the trust of is future and current customers, as well as, allowing them to build the confidence in their school system they need to maintain their business. A webpage should offer the user a means for contact and feedback. For feedback this responsibility is usually held by the Webmaster, on occasion this can be held by the company and or facility that commissioned the website. The Kelsey Elementary...
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