Kellogs Case Study

Topics: John Harvey Kellogg, Will Keith Kellogg, Corn flakes Pages: 7 (1931 words) Published: March 27, 2013
The management process is responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.


Kellogg’s provide a such variety of food, their food is reliable. They are take care of providing a safe and healthy work environment. Their food is good for health as well, which is the main point what makes product valuable to us. Core of product is benefit. Whatever is makes you satisfied is core benefits. Cornflakes is the actual product of kellogg’s, which is exist with the colour, style, branding, fashion, quality. Kellogg’s cornflakes is the most valuable, reliable, and a very popular product which is makes us satisfied to buy it. In order to satisfied core benefits company create a product. Driving product is depending on process marketing. E.g. i buy cup of coffee, augment this cup with selave when it is hot. Augmented element cost money. Augment product is created with the customer care, finance, installation, service, delivery, warranties. Kellogg’s cornflakes is also provide a customer care, it is affordable by every kind of people, we can buy it from every kind of shopping center and its widely available so easy to buy.



Kellogg’s is available in every shopping centre it is a breakfast so people buy it regularly and it is low priced so everyone can buy it easily. It is widely available and often high brand loyalty which is kellogg’s.


Kellogg’s corn flakes is available in all superstore so people can get it easily and in competition with other brand of product corn flakes is perfect and less frequent luxury purchases. This product has got a personal selling skills. On the pack of this product they give all the information so customer can get all information about needs / gather lots of information before buying.


Relatively expensive with infrequent purchases. Usually occurring with customer knowledge in relation to the high market brands. In relation to kellogg’s, this product is marketed within major superstores and has a variety of high competition with other known brands, e.g. Nestle. In this case, a high brand led would be cereals which would be aimed at certain customers for example weight watching customers.


Distress purchases with little pleasure. Marketers need to make customers aware of where they are available to create preferences. Kellogg’s have approached this by advertising and promoting different corn flakes e.g. chocolate flakes or honey coated flakes. For the selling of product of Kellogg’s we need to understand the customer behaviour. The behaviour includes what they may buy? Why do they buy? When do they buy? And where do they buy?

The modal of customer buyer behaviour includes the 4ps where market stimulation occurs. Other market stimulations include; economic, technological, political and cultural.

Consumer decision making
For the consumer decision making first if all we need to know about the problem then search for the reason of that then alternative evolution then purchase evaluation so then we can get purchase decision and behaviour then we can get our post purchase evaluation. BRAND LOYALTY

Brand attitude
There are different types of attitude for different brands. When we see the corn flakes first of all we goe the brand kellogg’s in our mind and it makes positive image in our mind, which is a very important thing for the product. Corn flakes is the very popular and reliable brand so people got a good image of this brand, so with the good and success image brand its create a positive brand attitude. Brand preference

Why customer should buy that particular brand then the other brand it depend on the quality of brand, quantity of brand, prise of brand, dependability of brand. Kellogg’s corn flakes is the more quality brand, very old and trustable, good quantity, affordable, so with this preferences customer buy this brand more then the other...
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