Keeping the Old Friends or Making New Ones: Which Is Important?

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Virtue Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: March 3, 2013
I strongly agree with the notion of keeping old friends is more important. Making new friend help people to get familiar with fresh idea and new way of living that may new friends possess. On the other hand old friends play significant role in their life for few reason that I mention bellow: First of all, old friends are more familiar with our intimate life, our personal shortcoming and our strength points. We spend more times with them including harsh and happiest periods thus, this friends know us very well. for instance I have many friends but I have only one old friend , I got in trouble last month with my cellphone bill, I cannot afford it , I should to borrow some amount of money to pay my bill, I prefer to ask it from my old friend because I feel more convenient and relaxed. Secondly, in healthy relationship trust served important role, we kept our old friend because we trust them, they know about our very well, they entered our house, met our family and know our problem, so if we have problem it is reasonable to ask them to help us to solve, and it is not likely for them to refuse our appeal. For example if I have secret, I would prefer to say it to my old, obviously my close friends. Finally, people choose their friends by themselves, but cannot choose family or sibling, it is great opportunity to have friends, if we have good old friend why is necessary to replace or add new one? People like their old friends and get familiar with all aspect of their lives. There are like precious diamond, we should keep them, allocate some amount of time to spend with them thus if we success to be a good fellas, we have not any spare time to spend with new friend. In the other hand knowing new person, make relationship is time consuming task. To wrap it up, old and good friends are a treasure, we should spend our time with them rather than new one, no one can replaced by old fellas thus it is better to keep them and enjoy our time with old friends.
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