Keep in Mind the Happenings of Temptation and Respect

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Keep in Mind the Happenings of Temptation and Respect
For thousands of years myths are passed down orally, through generations of civilizations all around the globe. Every ancient civilization tries to understand their lives through these stories that deal with gods, legendary heroes, and tales of adventure. As the civilizations developed, the people would base their beliefs around their own cultural gods, worshipping and praising them. Some fear and some despise the gods while some fall in love with them. Nevertheless, myths continue to circulate, a sign to not forget the gods and to remember what things they can do with their deadly powers. When these myths are read, countless lessons are learned and applied into the journeys life brings during numerous encounters with obstacles, stimulating growth and maturity in ways of understanding and avoiding temptation, of learning respect and manners, and of keeping in mind the consequences that actions can bring. Everyday, wishes are made by people to have what others have and forgets the fact that temptation can lead to disaster, as shown through the Greek myths. Temptation, similar to lusting and coveting, comes from the mind, when one thinks they do not have enough and wants more. There are temptations of power, wealth, invincibility and strength, all to gain status, popularity or praise from others. This is shown most easily with the story of King Midas who tempts for more gold, though he is already a rich ruler. Bacchus grants Midas his wish and warns him, “‘But in the future, I hope you pick your wishes more carefully.’” (93) Eventually, King Midas learns his mistake but soon enough, he is tempted by the music of Apollo and Pan, leading his rule to ruin when everyone finds Apollo has given him donkey ears. “Suddenly a few notes of music drifted to him.” (96) Through King Midas’ curiosity, he wants more and more and it soon backfires. Likewise, Cronus devours his children to protect himself and to keep his...
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