Kedah Trial 2012

Topics: Penang, Barisan Nasional, Negeri Sembilan Pages: 4 (579 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Malacca |
Negeri Sembilan
Perak |
Kedah |
Terengganu |
Pulau Pinang |
SBP | |A |Article |Formal Letter |Report |Article |Article |Article |Article |Report | | |Secondary school life |Letter of complaint |Disciplinary cases – causes & suggestions to overcome problem |Tips to improve academic performance |Cleanliness campaign |How to make the classroom a conducive place to study |Road safety tips for students |Haze – causes & effects | |B |Describe the strangest person you have met in your life.

Social networking such as Facebook and Friendster brings more advantages than disadvantages. Do you agree?

My ideal school.

Write a story ending with: ...goodbye forever.

Movies |Describe a fund-raising project which you had participated in recently.

Teenagers should not be allowed to drive. Do you agree?

If you had the chance, which foreign language would you like to study? Give reasons for your choice.

Write a story beginning with: She had been crying all day...

|An ideal holiday.

Social networking brings more harm than good. Discuss.

Benefits of saving when you are young.

Write a story that begins with: I woke up and could not remember what had happened...

|My life is a joy.

Why should children help their parents at home?

Describe the scene during recess in your school.

Write a story that begins with: It was a miserable day until the phone rang...

|What I like about myself.

Teenagers nowadays lack the sense of responsibility. What do you think?

Health is wealth.

Write a story ending with: We were glad as it was finally over.

|Describe a dream you will never forget.

Co-curricular activities build character. Do you agree?

The qualities of a good friend.

Write a story that begins with: It was like any other normal Monday morning...

|Describe a scene at a school canteen during recess.

Parents should allow teenagers to make...
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