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Kazakhstan, a country in Central Asia (south of Russia and northwest of China), home of the Kazakhstanis, is a largely populated country with a rich history that has begun to decline because of contamination by infections and disease during the shrinking of the Aral Sea and nuclear contamination, which has led to numerous diseases. They are home to a very famous rocket launch site and it has a rich cultural and religious diversity amongst its people. The Kazakh people are more than hospitable in that children are taught values of peace and tolerance, which has led to the absence of religious conflicts and a strong economy. They love the art of words and the art of music through their poems and their numerous musical instruments. Something very astonishing, according to recent estimates, is that the country of Kazakhstan is four times the size of the state of Texas. One of the most interesting things about Kazakhstan is the fact that the first manned space flight was in 1961 from Baykonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. This was done by a Russian cosmonaut named Yuryi Gagarin. This space flight was done from the largest and first space launch in history. Historians claim, but it is still unknown, that the Kazakhs were the first people to ride a horse.

The country of Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia with its capital as Astana. For its size, Kazakhstan has quite a large population of almost seventeen million people of numerous ethnic cultures, putting them at the 62nd largest population in the world. Although the two main ethnicities are Kazakh and Russian, many people come from Ukrainian, Uzbek, and German cultures. Like many other countries, they have cold winters and very hot summers, but much of their land is arid, desert-like. What is vastly different from other countries is that the people of Kazakhstan mostly speak Kazakh (64% of the population), while many others speak Russian. Though there is a vast cultural diversity amongst its people, most people speak one or two common languages. Most predominately, people are either Muslim (47% of the population) or Russian Orthodox (44% of the population), and very few are either Christian or other worldviews/religions (Kazakhstan – Language, Culture, Customs, and Etiquette 1-8).

In ancient Turkish language, the word “Kazakh” has a unique meaning: “a free and independent nomad”. This is an excellent description of the people of Kazakhstan. For centuries they were roaming nomads and cattle-herders, traveling from the borders of China all the way into Russia. They were made up of numerous different tribes, for this was the basis of their society. Like many other societies, their tribe is hierarchy-based, where the man or the husband is the head of the family and is ultimately responsible for the survival and protection of the family. In most tribes, the older people are the wise ones whom people seek wisdom from. They are known not only for their national bird, The Golden Eagle, which is dark drown with broad wings and weighs about 8-15 pounds, but also for their national, but not official flower, the Lily, which currently serves as the unofficial flower of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan – Language, Culture, Customs, and Etiquette 10).

The government of Kazakhstan is very unique. They follow a presidential democracy, which is a secular, stable, and social state. The highest values of the government are the lives, rights, and freedoms of its people. The people elect a head of government (a president) who serves as head of state and head of government, but unlike other countries, the president serves a five-year term. No president can serve more than two terms. This president serves as the Head of the State and Chief Executive. Unlike other countries, the executive branch (the president) has most of the power, but there still is a two house Parliament, which is considered as the highest legislative body in the government. But what is very interesting is that their...
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