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Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic fiction, Short story Pages: 21 (7759 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan
Kazakh Ablaikhan University of International Relations and World languages Faculty of Philology and Translation

Theme: “Fantastic Stories of Poe”

Prepared by Tairova Nargiza
Group: 303 Checked by Vassileva Y. Y. Ten Ya. Ch.

Almaty 2013

I. Introduction
II. Main Part
1. Biography of Edgar Allan Poe
2. Edgar Allan Poe's Fantastic Short Stories
3. Genres
4. Major Themes:
5. Allan Poe's style of writing
6. Analysis of Poe’s fantastic story “Black cat”
III. Conclusion
IV. References

In my course paper I’m going to talk about Fantastic Stories of Poe. Aim of my course paper is to make research to fantastic stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Most people recognize Poe by his famous poem, "The Raven". Others may have read one of his more popular dark and creepy tales like, "The Fall of the House of Usher" or "The Tell-tale Heart". Poe wrote quite a few gothic stories about murder, revenge, torture, the plague, being buried alive, and insanity. Many modern books and movies have "borrowed" ideas from Poe. Some of Poe's stories were not well accepted in his day because people were just not ready for them- they were too scary. Many people don't know that Edgar Allan Poe also wrote stories about adventure on the high seas, buried pirate treasure, and a famous balloon ride. Poe invented the detective story with tales like "Murders in the Rue Morgue" and "The Purloined Letter". Sherlock Holmes and other fictional detectives would later be based on the characters that Poe created. Poe wrote love stories and even a few strange little comedies. He attempted to explain the composition of the universe in a way that sounds a little like quantum physics. While exploring my course paper you'll see why I think Edgar Allan Poe deserves to be recognized as one of the most original, imaginative, and ingenious authors of our society.

Biography of Edgar Allan Poe

I want to start my course paper with the biography of Edgar Allan Poe. Life of Edgar Allan Poe is full of events, different situations and etc. So, it means that I’ll need to write and write about him but unfortunately, it will take a lot of time and my aim is to make research about his fantastic stories. This is a short biography. I've tried to compose one short enough to read in a single sitting. Poe's Childhood

Edgar Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. That makes him Capricorn, on the cusp of Aquarius. His parents were David and Elizabeth Poe. David was born in Baltimore on July 18, 1784. Elizabeth Arnold came to the U.S. from England in 1796 and married David Poe after her first husband died in 1805. They had three children, Henry, Edgar, and Rosalie. Elizabeth Poe died in 1811, when Edgar was 2 years old. She had separated from her husband and had taken her three kids with her. Henry went to live with his grandparents while Edgar was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. John Allan and Rosalie was taken in by another family. John Allan was a successful merchant, so Edgar grew up in good surroundings and went to good schools. When Poe was 6, he went to school in England for 5 years. He learned Latin and French, as well as math and history. He later returned to school in America and continued his studies. Edgar Allan went to the University of Virginia in 1826. He was 17. Even though John Allan had plenty of money, he only gave Edgar about a third of what he needed. Although Edgar had done well in Latin and French, he started to drink heavily and quickly became in debt. He had to quit school less than a year later. Poe in the Army

Edgar Allan had...
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