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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Discovery Kazakhstan
Animals of Kazakhstan
Every person, who lives in Kazakhstan, knows, that animals of our motherland are very important not just for Kazakhstan, but for the whole world! I definitely agree with this opinion. In the essay, I will give you the basic reasons and explain, why most of the people tend to think that way. First of all, from the ancient times, different natural creatures help Kazakh people to survive in our cruel prairie. We cannot deny, that Kazakh nation always followed the nomadic way of life. Although they knew all aspects about living in this or that region of plain and were independent, however, big mass of the Kazakh people , with the reason of making life easier, use animals to help themselves. For example, dogs are always used by nomads to put together all animals in the big heard. Donkeys, horses, camels serve as a vehicle on the long distances. Camels are also used to carry weight household things, food, clothes, when Kazakh were changing a living place. Now, it is clear from people’s observations, that even cats can help us. For instance, they were catching some bad rodents in yurt, and also we should note, that cats can treat people from different illnesses. Maybe because of this fact, there were so a few deaths in Kazakh settlement. Second of all, there is a group of beautiful and useful creatures in Kazakhstan, but they are so numerically small, that Kazakhstan have to recorded them into the Red Book. Today it is very important to safe our vanishing animals, that were created by nature many years ago. People pollute rivers with industrial waste, pollute seas and atmosphere, do deforestation-these actions kill created beings as quickly, as with help of weapon or poison. Unfortunately, not every Kazakh citizen think about what will happen with our lives without animals. English scientist J. Darrel said : “Our world, as a spider’s web. If you touch one web, other will falter. We must admit, that fauna of the...
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