Kat Von D Essay

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Katherine von Drachenberg
Kat von D
Kat von D was born on March 8th, 1982 in Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, mexico. She started tattooing at the age of 14 but has been drawing her whole life. Her well known came upon the television series LA Ink. Kat is still currently owning her own shop and has a growing amout of visits per day.

Von D possessed alot of inspiration from love. As said in her interview its known as her higher power. As a successful business person, she couldnt have done it without her family. Kat seems to be driven by herself of being a female in a male known industry. Men are very intimidated by her work she has done since she first started tattooing and drawing.

The history of the company LA Ink is diverse throughout the years. Kat has had employees come in and out of her shop since the grand opening. During the construction, she was very skeptical about how things were placed and built. After the completion of LA Ink, the shop has never had a slow day. Her and her employees have had a waiting list for up to a seven month period.

The products of Kat von D are mostly tattoo concealers and tattoos. The tattoo concealer simply covers up tattoos according to your own complection. The use of the concealer is great for formal outgoings. Her tattoos are also a great product for expressing yourself and never forgeting about them. Her work has escalated since the age of 14 and will never stop.

My opinion to the competition to LA Ink is that no other tattooing company could compare. With the drive of Kat to proving to her fans that girls are able to be in a guy position is very important. I feel that Kat is very against the sexis outlook of careers. But of course there is cometition out there that are driven by Kat to become a better artist and get inspired by her work.

I have never had an experience with Kat von D's product mostly because i have not yet been tattooed by her or her employees. For that, i have not used her...
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