Juvenile Delinquency

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Crime, Childhood Pages: 6 (1977 words) Published: January 3, 2013
A Problem Solution essay with regards to Juvenile Delinquency ___________________________________________________________
Juvenile Delinquency – its effects and how to solve it
We generally see criminals as gruesome adults, but the increasing numbers of minors getting involved in this kind of wrongdoings can be considered a disturbing matter that the government has to take seriously. Misguided and problematic, these minors lurk in the darkest streets to carry out their unlawful plans. Often associated with gangs, they actually provide inconvenient way of living in the community. Conversely, the community they live in unknowingly influenced them to be these so called ‘Juvenile Delinquents’. The term juvenile delinquency refers to the criminal acts performed by juveniles or the youths, thus calling them juvenile delinquents. It is also the legal term for criminal behavior carried out by minors recognized for having problematic behavior. Juvenile Delinquency can actually be traced in the early times, where governments all over the world have these poor laws that gave the youth much freedom, while some began as a form of youth rebellion. It was just then that authorities became aware and attended to this issue. Most of the time, felonious activities are usually done in a group setting, acquiring help from their own gangs or tribes. In the country, gangs would do illicit acts that would make their group famous. An example of it is the ‘gang wars’ or a riot, usually done at late night, two or more groups will fight each other to see who’s the superior gang. They throw rocks or bottles at their rivals; while some use deadly weapons like knives and ice picks for the sake of hurting. These riots surely disturb the whole neighborhood in which the fight is occurring. It is even more dangerous for civilian people who just happened to be around at that place. The whole community would then be disturbed for the people there are scared going out at night. A gang called ‘TBS’ made its name infamous by causing much trouble in major cities and towns over the country. Not just in riots these juvenile delinquents are known for. Most of them had actually committed crimes that an adult would do. According to UNICEF, an average of 10, 500 minors are being arrested and detained every year – about 28 children every day, or more than one child every hour. Report on 2003 stated that seven children were in Death Row, and 200 children in the Medium Security Unit of the National Bilibid Prisons. It is a sad fact juveniles are arrested for using or pushing drugs which then breeds to other forms of crimes such as rape, murder, and homicide. It is even more alarming to know that poverty has driven most of the minors detained to commit crime. At the Molave Youth Home in Quezon City 74 children of the 159 detainees are facing trial for crimes against poverty (39 accused of theft and 34 of robbery). Records dating back to 1990 collected by the Quezon City government reveal expose that poverty is the common origin of a great majority of children in jail. Another data show that 7 in every 10 children detained at the Molave Youth Home in 2002 belonged to families having a monthly income of 2,000-4,000 pesos. We might say that this issue is not bigger than the economic crisis we are experiencing right now, but to think that these delinquents are just disoriented youths, it’s actually unfair. A youth, for the sake of being a part of something that could protect him will join a gang and throw chaos to the society that rejects him; a youth, who just wants to prove something will be a rebel to his family; a youth, who just wants to escape his miserable life will do foolish crimes; an innocent youth yet dangerous; a naive youth yet matured; a youth supposed to study at school, expected to be the next leader, an asset turned liability of our society…it is unfair. This calls for the help of the whole society to...
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