Junk Food

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Obesity Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Should Junk Food Be Banned From Schools ?

Junk Food is an informal term for food that is of little nutritional value and often high in fat, sugar, and/or calories. That means junk food is not healthy , so we must Stop the addiction to it . Children and teens are addicted to junk food because they say it is very delicious and tasty . There are two sides for “should junk food be banned from schools?” Side A :Yes:

It must be banned . Because It has been proven that children are THIRTY TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BECOME OBESE than 20 years ago. Obesity is on the increase in the world, and that includes rising childhood obesity .So it is important to fight obesity as it causes many health problems and can lead to early death through heart diseases, diabetes and strokes. People sometimes forget that Junk Food is not meant to be eaten EVERY DAY! There are some people in the world who think “McDonalds” is meant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner !. Kids these days do eat tremendous amounts of junk and many don't exercise as much as they should, and schools can only force them to exercise during gym periods .Kids and teens must go outside and play games such as football , basketball ,…ext. Junk food has low nutritional value and by a scientific study many children have fatigue and laziness after eating junk food, therefore doing worse on schoolwork and testing (their school work).  Schools can play an important role in combating obesity as people tend to get into habits about how they eat when they are young. Schools can help to make those habits healthy ones. If you don’t eat fresh food ,fruit and vegetables at home, you might not get to try them and then you are unlikely to cook them for yourself later. Schools can introduce young people to healthy food. There is a good past example for schools getting involved in diet. Traditionally schools have given out free milk and fruit to try and make sure that children get enough calcium and vitamins, in case they are not...
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