Junk Food

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Effects of junk food

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, ”A man’s palate can, in time, become accustomed to anything.”Hundreds of millions of people buy junk food every day without giving it much thought, unaware of the subtle and not so subtle ramifications of their purchases. As the name suggests, junk food is just pure junk. Actually the term "junk food" refers to foods that are relatively high in caloric content, but low in nutritional value. A few examples of foods often considered to be junk food include fast food, sweets such as ice cream, candy, donuts, soda, and potato chips, among many others. Although junk food trend is quite new in Pakistan yet it is growing very fast. KFC, McDonald's, Papa John's Pizza, Pizza Hut etc are very famous restaurants among all age groups equally. Although junk food is convenient, delicious, inexpensive, and is basically a cultural phenomenon but unfortunately eating excessive junk food can have serious negative effects on people, young or old alike. we as a society need to stop eating junk food because it has increased our health problems, has badly affected our social setup, and destroy the environment. Most obvious effects from eating junk food are on our health. People who eat a lot of junk food tend to gain weight quickly, which can lead to obesity over time. This extra weight then has an impact on the health of the rest of the body. It can raise cholesterol and blood pressure contributing to heart disease. Obesity can cause one to develop insulin resistance, which is one of the risk factors for diabetes. This is a particular concern in children. Currently, 17% of children in the world are obese due to excessive intake of junk food. In addition, junk food badly effects our energy levels because this type of food does not contain any nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. Junk food is filled with harmful constituents that do not provide any useful energy, like carbohydrate and fat, thereby causing...
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