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Topics: Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, Single person Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Bangladesh is a country full of natural beauties. We have many naturally beautiful places among them some are unforgettable. Cox’s Bazar is one of them .Cos’x Bazar the largest sea beach of the world is not only famous among the local Bengalis but also to foreigners. Cox’s Bazar is located in South part of Bangladesh and covers an area of 6.85 km² with 27 mahallas and 9 wards with a population of 51,918. Cox's Bazar is connected by road and air with Chittagong. The annual average temperature in Cox's Bazar remains at about a maximum of 34.8 °C and a minimum of 16.1 °C. The average amount of rainfall remains at 4,285 mm. Cox’s Bazar has always been famous for several reasons one of the most impressive one is the longest Sea beach (125 KM) of the world which has always been a very pleasant tourist attraction. Also Cox’s Bazar has Aggmeda Khyang which is a large Buddhist monastery. A city named Ramu about 10 km from Cox’s Bazar, The village is famous for its handicrafts and homemade cigars. Dulhazra Safari Park is also a very famous attraction of Cox’s bazaar. Apart of natural beauties Cox’s Bazar’s weather, Culture, Lots of nice hotels, Foods have made Cox’s Bazar very famous not only to the locals but also to the world. Though Cox’s Bazar is a very famous and beautiful place it lacks a few major things which could have made Cox’s Bazar even better. Firstly Even after being the longest sea beach of the world many people of the world still don’t know about Cox’s Bazar because of lack of promotion. Secondly tourists sometime find lack of security and low quality service of Hotel. Thirdly and the biggest problem is lack of investment and initiative that need to taken to save Cos’x Baar.

When it comes to problems question comes who is creating problems? Same question comes regarding Cox’s Bazat that who exactly is creating problems for Cox’s Bazar. The answer to this question is it’s not a single person it’s the whole country’s population that is...
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