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Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Middle East Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: June 2, 2012
Based on the SWOT analysis that we have made the strength of the Johnson Pte. Ltd. is on the products itself whereby noodles line of products had the highest gross profit margin. While weaknesses of JPL is whereby the other products line such as consumer flour, meat products, cooking oil, retail, food & beverage and also bakery raw ingredients has incur losses. The excessive spending in advertisement and promotional costs also has contribute to the high operating cost, however this is not the main problem because advertising is very important in order to attract more customers but the channel that we used need to be improve, so we decided to change the channel of advertisement whereby previously we used television to promote our product, now we are planning to use more effective method such as using the internet which is more cheaper and effective to capture the middle east customers since they are technological advance. Whereas for the local customers we are using outdoor advertising sometimes called poster advertising where it can be seen in the street by the passer-by which is more effective to the India environment. In order to boost sales of the products line that has incurred losses JPL need to do more research about their target customer and product repositioning strategy by reviewing the current positioning of the product and its marketing mix and seeking a new position for it that seems more appropriate. For existing customers, repositioning is sought through promotion of more varied uses of the product and if JPL wants to reach new users, this strategy requires that the product be presented with a different twist to the people who have not been favourably inclined toward it. In doing so, care should be taken to see that, in the process of enticing new customers, current ones are not alienated. The threat that JPL faced is where their competitor which is Nestle and Unilever has the same target consumers and products with them. So in order to...
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