Joseph Strorm Character Analysis

Topics: Religion, John Wyndham, Infant Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: June 13, 2011
In the novel The Chrysalids written by John Wyndham, the character of Joseph Strorm has a major impact on the plot of the book. Joseph is religious, abusive, and uncompassionate. These characteristics most definitely help the reader understand the community of Waknuk and give them an idea of how serious deviants are taken. Joseph appears in the novel numerous times, and demonstrates these three traits.

Joseph Strom is portrayed to be extremely religious. Early in the book, this character trait is clearly shown when David is talking about his father and states “When, at the age of sixteen, [Joseph] had made his first public appearance, by giving a Sunday address in the church his father built” (Wyndham: 17). Then, “…[Joseph] continued to preach frequently on Sundays and to explain with practical clarity …”(Wyndham: 17). This shows, that Joseph started at a young age believing in religion, and “[sets] a high example to the district.” (Wyndham: 17). He obviously continued with this religious path because years later, his religious views are shown when Aunt Harriet has a blasphemed child. Aunt Harriet doesn’t feel the same way whatsoever about her child as Joseph does. ” [She] is not ashamed” (Wyndham: 72). Joseph tells Aunt Harriet how wrong it is to have a deviated child, and Aunt Harriet says many hateful things towards God about the world. Joseph believes “[She] [has] much to pray for.” (Wyndham: 72) so he tells her to ‘”…pray that [her] sin of intention, as well as [her] other sins may be forgiven” (Wyndham: 73). Since Joseph thinks ‘“[Aunt Harriet] [has] produced a defilement.”’ (Wyndham: 72) and ‘” [She] [has] not kept constant vigilance for impurity.”’ (Wyndham: 72) he shows his religious trait by giving religious opinions. The readers also see that Joseph is religious by the reaction he gives when David says ‘” [He] could have managed it all right by [himself’] if [he’d] had another hand.”’ (Wyndham: 26). Joseph is in shock, and must confirm...
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