Character Analysis – Joe Manetti

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Even a great story wouldn’t have a place to go without an outstanding lead character. In the story “Always a Motive”, by Dan Ross, Joe Manetti is a great example of a phenomenal lead. Joe himself could carry this whole story with his believable personality and effective personality. He has a sad person that builds up the deep mood and adds impact to the story as a whole. Joe Manetti is a round, static character within the story, “Always a Motive”. He is described many times as having jet black, curly hair, pale skin and being dressed shabbily. A good look is given into his personality through his actions and many responses to the inspector’s questions. When Joe answers, “I had plenty of gas and I don’t eat much these days.” His tormented state is plainly seen as a not only a recent change, but a major change in his personality. His calm and quiet is also displayed through the entire interrogation, but no more than the moment after he is told he is free to go. In the story it says, “The young man with the pale face and black, curly hair showed no special sigh of relief.” This nonchalant attitude to something of such magnitude shows that he has given up. He has no reason to be relieved of his proven innocence because there is no reason for him to want be free in the first place, because of his life situation. A personality like Joe Mannetti’s doesn’t just poof into existence. It would be difficult to believe how well he was taking the interrogation and the possibility of a trial without some sort of personal struggle. That is made clear early on in the interrogation by Joe talking about his wife, “But my wife left me. She’s somewhere on the West Coast.” And when Joe answered a question about his son, “He was killed by a truck. Street accident when I was out on town on a job.” Obviously, these two recent events in Joe’s life shaped the personality seen within the story. By the way he says the two things, “Joe nodded,” and “He answered in a monotone,” these two...
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