Jones Blair Swot Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Customer service Pages: 5 (770 words) Published: July 13, 2011
Case Summary

Jones Blair company is a privately held company that produces and markets architectural paint under the brand name, “Jones ( Blair.”   Besides producing architectural coatings, the company also sells paint sundries (rollers, brushes, etc.) although they are not manufactured by Jones Blair.   In 2004, sales were $12 million with a net profit before taxes of $1.14 million.   Sales have grown by about 4 percent per year over the past decade while paint gallonage has remained relatively steady.   In 2005, Alexander Barret, president of Jones Blair, decided that the company needed to deploy new corporate marketing efforts.   This case summary will provide a summary of Jones Blair company's strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

Problem Identification

The problem for Jones Blair Company is how to go about deploying corporate marketing efforts in the many architectural paint coatings markets that it serves in the Southwestern United States. Jones Blair has relied mainly on their sales representatives’ personal relationships with customers to further the brand’s awareness.   However, growth is minimal. Along with personally promoting the paint brands, sales reps engaged in coordinating cooperative advertising programs with different Jones Blair paint dealers.   Most national paint companies are spending around ten times the amount in advertising as Jones Blair.   In order to increase their brand awareness, Jones Blair must create new corporate marketing strategies.

SWOT Analysis
|SWOT |Management |Marketing |Target Customers |Research & Development|Finance |Offerings | | | |Distributed in 200 |Shelf goods 43% of | |Mature market; only|Quality Service | | | |independent paint |total industry | |1-2% sales long | | | | |stores |dollar sales | |term growth | | | | |Market to major | | | | | | | |business/financial | | | | | | | |center (DFW) | | | | | |Weakness |Incentives for new |Presence in DFW do it|Not easy to pick up|Must reduce emissions |Very slow sales |High costs for | | |clients do not exist |yourself market, |new accounts; only |of volatile compounds |growth |product | | |for sales reps. |in-home centers |added 5 in last 5 |(EPA) | | | | | | |years | | | | | |Marketing Management |Non-DFW market |Paint gallon-age |Compliance with |DFW Sales decreased|Highest priced | | |ineffective beyond DFW| |hasn't changed in |Environmental | |paint in service | | |& southwest region | |years |Protection Agency | |area, especially | | | | | |means lower profit | |in DFW | | | | | |margins | | | | |...
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