Position Paper on Jones Blair Company.

Topics: Marketing, Paint, Saint-Gobain Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Assignment on Marketing Management. Position Paper on Jones Blair Company. Submitted by GEMCYN SURAJ, Cohort B-33, Banner Id @02883877 on 01/16/2013. After perusing the material, I find that Mr. Alexander Barrett has a sticky situation. Unless his company does something outstanding, it is destined for losses in the future. Unfortunately, all his VP’s are off target. Hence, I suggest they form small “Blue Ocean” niches to make themselves more competitive. What makes a company unique are its products. So, I suggest that R&D should look into new vistas of paint technology like developing a thermal paint, which will act like the St. Gobain Glass. It will reflect the sun’s energy up to 75% and prevent heating up of the building. This can lower the A.C. bills considerably (1). Another area of possible development is paints changing colour on application of heat. So every two months, if a consumer wants, he can change the colour of his home, by just pressing a switch (2). These products would give the necessary ammunition to marketing personnel to go and “Paint the town” with new ads. Keeping the existing channels of distribution, the J.B.C. should adopt the concept of direct sales. The company representatives should be trained to make good choices on paints and accessories for the consumer (the “Do it yourself guy”) and supply them directly. They will empowered to give discounts. Since the price is MRP, retailers can’t object. By giving discounts, the company will still be able to make more profits compared to usual channels. This direct approach may require more trained manpower aimed at close knit communities. They should not cut prices. It will be seen as a sign of bad/old batch of products the company is trying to get rid off and will hurt the company’s image. Do not jump into funding any new ad campaign. With no new products on offer, the audience will soon start to mentally block the ads, which will adversely affect the new product when it is launched....
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