Jollibee Commissary

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Reaction Paper

Reaction paper:
Last february 28, 2013 we have our educational tour at Canlubang, Laguna.I Woke up at 5:00 am to get to school at around 6:00am and our bus left after sometime. Our first stop was at the Jollibee Commissary. We saw how their stuff was made; sauces, sausages, buns, patties, etc. I found this plaque thingy rather cute. We have visited the Jollibee Commissary the System, which operates 24/7, manages Jollibee’s total supply chain process. The Laguna commissary is the biggest and most advanced in the country and among Asia’s best. Operated by Zenith Foods Corporation (ZFC), a full subsidiary of Jollibee, the newest commissary is on a 6-hectare property in the Calmelray Industrial Park. Aided by custom-made mechanized equipment, the production lines are for the marinated Chicken Joy, frozen patties and pies, breads, sauces, hotdogs and other meat products, and dry blended goods. ZFC can service over 800 Jollibee and Greenwich stores. The chicken marination line can produce as many as 150,000 pieces a day while about 480,000 hamburger patties a day is turned out by the frozen patty line. The breadline is designed to match the volume output of patties, i.e. also about 480,000 pieces a day. The pie line can produce as much as 157,000 pocket pies in a 20-hour operating day. Currently, pies are exported to Jollibee stores in Hong Kong, Guam, Saipan, Brunei, and the USA. Various sauce products are processed in the ZFC sauceline including those for the Jollibee bestsellers, spaghetti and palabok. Thanks to the Jollibee Commissary System, ensuring the manufacture and distribution of safe and high- quality food in the most cost-efficient manner is made possible.

Jollibee Foods is a Philippines-based Corporation engaged in the development, operation and franchising of restaurants under the brand name Jollibee. In the Philippines, the Company also has, as subsidiaries, Fresh N Famous Foods, Inc., which develops, operates and franchises...
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