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Medium – Term Strategic Plan

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II.Brief Description of the Company3
III.Mission/ Vision/ Values4
IV.SWOT Analysis4
V.Business Objectives5
VI.Key Strategies6
VII.Key Activities6


Nowadays, the environment of business is more severe. This is a result of competitions among many organizations in the same industry. Besides that, the organizations are also affected by other factors. Therefore, the organization needs to set up the strategy planning to develop their business. Because of the strategic planning is the management task concerned with growth and future of a business enterprise. It ensures that the organization keeps moving in the right direction of all companies. Throughout that company will base on the company’s strengths so capitalize on opportunities and emerging trends to take defensive steps to reduce threats facing the business, from that it will be bring together all your company's resources, and direct them toward specific goals in areas such as sales growth, profit, productivity and service with the strategic plan. This report is the strategic plan for Jollibee Food Company in the next five years.

Brief Description of the Company

Started as an ice –cream parlour, after 20 years developed and innovated, now, Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC) is known as one of the top 500 corporations in the Philippines. This is the global presence with the opening of store in countries such as US, Hong Kong, Guam, Brunei and Vietnam. This success of Jollibee can be credited to its founder, Tony Tan Caktiong.

At the present Jollibee Food Corporation has become one of biggest fast food chains in the world. Total number of stores has reached 1.635 worldwide as of December 2007, besides, it must be including its franchises, and the total overseas stores are 186.

To be considered as a key market for JFC’s global operations, Vietnam was chosen as the next potential destination of Jollibee. In October 1997, the Pilipino group opened its first Vietnam store at Super Bowl mall in HCM City. Now, it operates 9 in the city. In the last of October, Jollibee opened a branch in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province the first store outside HCM city, which border the province.

Mission/ Vision/ Values

1. Mission

o To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone

2. Vision

o We are the best tasting QSR...

o The most endearing brand...that has ever been...

o We will lead in product taste at all times...

o We will provide FSC excellence in every encounter...

o Happiness in every moment...

o By year 2020, with over 4,000 stores worldwide,

o Jollibee is truly a GLOBAL BRAND. (And the Filipino will be admired worldwide)

3. Values

o Customer Focus

o Excellence

o Respect for the Individual

o Teamwork

o Spirit of Family and Fun

o Humility to Listen and Learn

o Honesty and Integrity

o Frugality

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT frame is the technique commonly used in business to assist in identifying strategic issues for a company. When applied to many systems it will be necessary to adopt some model of visualization products which captures all important issues regardless of which product is being analysed. It is then up to the analyst to measure the particular strengths and weaknesses of each product using this model.

The SWOT frame below will define the SWOT of Jollibee Food Corporations to know about which strength and weakness exist in company currently and the threats of company when apply the new strategies in the next time.

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