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Topics: Writing, Essay mill, Plagiarism Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Problems with Essay Sites

John Thompson

ULL 012

Oct 11, 2012

The Problems with Using Essay Sites

Let’s face it – it is much easier to research the best prewritten essay paper on a topic than to simply write the thousand-word essay in the first place. Although a student may find that they have to join sites, submit a paper to qualify for “membership” and perhaps pay a modest fee for the paper, it will at least be knocked out so important television shows or hot game of beer pong aren’t missed. Not only that, but the time saved can be used to “tweet” about the comparative size of people’s feet or the amount of hair a roommate left in the sink. The essay has been written before, so why is the thing important in the first place? If anyone really needed to know anything, they could just look it up online rather than research a whole pile of material. This paper is not intended to argue the merits of teaching students to do or not do their research. If a student can’t understand critical thinking, or the importance of gathering real facts before making decisions, it might just be that they are content with their position in the herd. That said, it is important to point out that instructors of any course, at any level, can easily check your work. Many instructors don’t really care if you bought an essay online, or better yet, got a sample for free, so long as the school gets your Mom and Dad’s money on time. At least the free samples are worth a laugh. Students who use online papers rarely present a challenge to an instructor who “mails it in” once or twice a week, or who cancels class to work on his yard. The bottom line is that papers online are almost always caught by automated plagiarism checkers. Ordinary papers, not the high-dollar “made for you, one-shot papers”, are the staples of these sites, and many use poor grammar, or worse, excellent grammar (which is outside the norm for the typical online essay buyer/user). Many...
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