John Dillinger

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I. Introduction: Historical and iconic Bank robber and “America’s First Celebrity.” II. Identifying the start of his life and family history a. Born John Herbert Dillinger June 22, 1903

b. Indianapolis, Indiana
i. Oak Hill Section
c. John Wilson Dillinger and Mary Ellen “Mollie” Lancaster d. One sister, Audrey Dillinger
ii. Born March 6, 1889
e. Mary Ellen dies in 1907
iii. Dillinger is nearly four years old
f. Father remarried to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Fields
g. Three children
iv. Herbert
v. Dorris
vi. Frances
III. Prison Time
h. Robbed a local grocery store with Ed Singleton.
vii. Stealing $50
viii. Were spotted by a minister
ix. Reported them to the police.
x. The two men were arrested the next day.
i. Singleton pleaded not guilty
j. Dillinger's father convinced him to confess to the crime k. Plead guilty.
l. Convicted of assault and battery with intent to rob, and conspiracy to commit a felony. m. Sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison.
n. En route to the prison, Dillinger briefly escaped xi. Apprehended within a few minutes.
o. Indiana State Prison in Michigan City.
xii. “I’ll be the meanest bastard you ever saw when I get out of here.” xiii. Befriended other criminals
1. Harry Pierpont of Muncie and Russell "Boobie" Clark of Terre Haute 2. Taught Dillinger how to be a successful criminal. xiv. The men planned heists for after they were released. p. John Dillinger studied Herman Lamm's meticulous bank-robbing system and used it extensively throughout his criminal career. q. John’s father launched a campaign to have him released, and was able to xv. 188 signatures on a petition.

xvi. Dillinger was paroled on May 10, 1933
xvii. Served four and a half years.
IV. Released at height of Great Depression
r. Little prospect of work
s. Returned to crime
t. August 14, 1933 robbed a bank in Bluffton, OH
u. Was captured
xviii. Transferred to Allen County Jail
V. Bank Robberies
v. the first bank he ever robbed was The National Bank in New Carlisle, Ohio xix. June 10, 1933
xx. $10,500
w. Entered a number of Indiana and Ohio banks by pretending to be a sales representative for a company that sold bank alarm systems to assess security systems and bank vaults of prospective targets. x. Also pretended to be part of a film company that was scouting locations for a "bank robbery" scene. xxi. Bystanders would smile as the gang would rob the bank and escape with the loot. xxii. Stories such as those increased his legend. y. The Commercial Bank, Daleville, Indiana

xxiii. $3,500
xxiv. July 17, 1933
z. Montpelier National Bank, Montpelier, Indiana
xxv. $6,700
xxvi. August 4, 1933
{. Bluffton Bank, Bluffton, Ohio
xxvii. $6,000
xxviii. August 14, 1933
|. Massachusetts Avenue State Bank, Indianapolis, Indiana xxix. $21,000
xxx. September 6, 1933
}. Central National Bank And Trust Co., Greencastle, Indiana xxxi. $74,000
xxxii. October 23, 1933
~. American Bank And Trust Co., Racine, Wisconsin
xxxiii. $28,000
xxxiv. November 20, 1933
. Unity Trust And Savings Bank, Chicago, Illinois
xxxv. $8,700
xxxvi. December 13, 193
?. First National Bank, East Chicago, Indiana
xxxvii. $20,000
xxxviii. January...
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