Joel Lebron Case

Topics: Murder, Death Penalty, Prison Pages: 3 (1391 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Joel Lebron vs. Florida

The Joel Lebron vs. Florida case was a complete tragedy of Ana Maria Angel and her boyfriend Nelson Portobanco. Ana Maria and Portobanco were both kidnapped and robbed by 5 Orlando men. Ana Maria was gang raped in front of Portobanco as Portobanco was stabbed multiple times, then the couple was soon executed on the side of I-95 in Boca Raton. There Ana Maria’s life was taken as a straight bullet to the head and her witness, Portobanco played dead and luckily survived to tell the tragedy of this heinous crime, as they were both supposed to be left for dead.

As the South Miami teens had just got done celebrating their four-month anniversary at the Bayside Market Place for dinner, Ana wanted to take a walk with her boyfriend, Nelson, along the South Beach. After they were finished relaxing along the beach together they began to walk back to their car, there Joel Lebron approached them both with a revolver in his hand to force them into a white Ford F-150 extended cab, where the other four offenders were also found awaiting the victims. Angel and Portobanco were forced into the back of a rented pick up and robbed. Olmeda (2012). Lebron and four other men had driven to South Beach from Miami and after trying to sneak into a nightclub, settled on robbing someone to get money to continue partying. Ovalle (2012). Their reasons for being there were random of some sort, but indeed had intentions and were inevitably premeditated.

In Lebron & his cronies’ truck, they all began to head north, then robbed the couple and forced them to kiss, leading them to demand a sex show. From that point forward it was obvious “They wanted property. They wanted her body. They wanted their lives.” Daily Source (2012). Yet the couple declined to have sex in front of the five men.  In result of that Nelson was pushed and forced to the front floor of the truck with his shirt over his head so he couldn’t see anything, yet he still had...
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