Johari Window

Topics: Group dynamics, Group development, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Usefulness of Johari window in personal and group development

1_ introduction and development of Johari window

This model was developed by joseph Luft and harry Ingham in 1955 in United States in order to people understand their interpersonal relationships and communication. Ingham and Luft tried to find a suitable name for their model and after that they decided to combine their names, Joe and Harry and they called this model “Johari” and this model soon become a widely used for training and understanding, self-awareness, group dynamics, team development and inter-group relationship. Johari window is a communicational model that helps people in group and individual to knowing each other’s well and this model refer to a disclosure/feedback and by some people “information processing tools”.

2_Terminological view
As terminology view this models refers to two separate part self and others, self means oneself that means person subject that analyses with Johari window and others mean analysing other people in the group and team person’s. And in another prospective view this model divides to regions, areas, and quadrants, each of this contains and represents extra information for each person or group.

3_usage of Johari window

This model usually use for communication and it’s enhance better context of conversation between groups and individual setting.

By using this model we can help to group understand better and know the value and self-disclosure and gently encourage peoples group to accept and give feedback and also this help people to have more trustful business with each other, solve issues and work more efficiency as a group.


1_how this model is look like?

This model is a big window that, divided or better to say shares to four square gird in every window, each person can represented by its own four pane and each square contain personal feeling, extra information, motivation, likes, dislikes and other relevant thing to that...
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