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Marlon C Collins

ITM 301 – Principles of Information

Module 5 – Case Assignment

Dr. Shuk Wong

The three most important things a company can do to implement and use groupware systems effectively, and why they are necessary.

This Case Assignment requirement, list the three most important things a company can do to implement and use

groupware systems effectively and why they are necessary. But before I answer the questions and must let my reader know what groupware systems is; Groupware systems are computer-based systems that support two or more users engaged in a common task, and that provide an interface to a shared environment. These systems frequently require fine-granularity sharing of data and fast response times. Groupware can be divided into three categories; electronic communication tools, electronic conferencing tools and collaborative management tools. Groupware in general in strongly related to the research domain of Computer Support Cooperative Work. For companies to implement and use groupware systems effectively, the three most important things a company can implement is; the type of system and availability of system to users, data sharing and communications, and security.

1. First management must implement a groupware system that is tailor specify to that organization. Select a system that each employees can access, can share documents, information, ideas and directly interact with each others in a synchronous fashion. It is important to implement a system that is available to a wide audience, which meant making information is available to a range of jobs functions within the company. Select other types of features the systems users will required, such as email, share calendars, public folders and basic internet access. Implement a systems that limits access to some individual and giving more access to system administrators and directors. This is important because this limits the access to restricted...
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