A Significant Event in My Life Using Specific Details , Describe Place , People Emotions, Object Etc

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I think working as a group is better than working alone. When people work in groups, it is better because, they can compare on what they are working on and make corrections. It is not to say people won’t work individually, but working in a group is better. This will also enable students that are not so in the class to get along. I worked with a group on a class that I was not so good with, and I was glad I did, we were five in the group. Three people were good with the course, while the remaining two of us were not so good. By working in a griup we were work out the problems. A group is three or more people that interact over time, they depend on each other, share a common rules of conduct in achieving a common goal. One of the strength of this group work is thorough; because we worked as a group we were very thorough with the work. Strength is creativity, the group came up with different ideas, which made the work better to accomplish. The other strength was that working as a group will make the group members to be more committed. The limitation is basically time, that is never enough, in our case we had little time for the work. Another limitation is the pressure to conform, which was a factor in our group. I really prefer to work with a group because workimg in a group will get the job done better. When people come together as a group they get the job done better. Working in a group will enable students that are not so good in the course to learn along with the the other people in a group. So I will prefer to work as group than work alone , because I can get the job done better.
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