Job Satisfaction in the Workplace

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Job Satisfaction in The Work Place

In today's job market, faithfulness to any organization depends on an individual's attitude towards his/her company or employer as it pertains to job satisfaction. According to Locke, job satisfaction by definition is "[ a] pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one's job or job experience". Locke then goes on to define the definition by saying job satisfaction stems from " feeling and cognition" (Locke 1976). What we believe or feel about our thoughts then translates into either a negative or positive action on our behalf. [Locke]

As Locke stated earlier, job satisfaction may stem from our cognition and feelings, but there is many other elements of our work environment that dictates whether these thoughts are positive or negative.

Economic Trends: Wages, Expectations, and Prospects for Inflation. In the year 2011, Brent Meyer wrote an article about job wages and economic inflation. Brent stated that " food and energy prices risen to an annualized rate of 17 percent, prompting speculation of a possible price-wage spiral that will result in rampant inflation". Brent goes on to explain that this rise in inflation is usually the result of "demand for higher wages". "In-turn, these wage increases raise the cost of production, squeezes margins, and induces business owners to raise prices of goods". [Brent Meyer]

Due to inflation, financial-economic turmoil, and a staggering unemployment rate, (9.0% at that time) the power of negotiation for higher wages is no longer in the hands of the employee. Business owner are finding it hard to satisfy stakeholder, and return his/her company to a high standing of profitability. Do to this lack of profitability within a given organization, employee salary cut and layoffs are the most likely outcome. Brent Meyers' stated," as employees demand increases in salary, the cost of producing goods or services also increases". With the unemployment rate where it is today and was, company owners can remain stagnant with his/her current work force as it pertains to wage increases. I believe employees understand that finding employment in this economy can be daunting, and business owners are educated to these thoughts.

Another element that plays into job satisfaction is management strategies and personal interaction between managers and company personnel. I recently read an article about new managers and ten mistakes he/she may make. Management: Top 10 New Manager Mistakes.

In this article, John F. Reh points out ten critical mistakes new manager make. I believe he is spot on due to shifts in management personnel here at Nypro, my current employer. The first mistake on John's list is "thinking he/she knows everything". Most managers I have come across micromanage his/her team due to lack of trust and believing his/her knowledge is far superior to those working under them. This in turn leaves little room for a team to develop because lack of communication is there between parties.

The second leading mistake new managers make is "showing everyone who's in charge". With the shift in new management personnel, I'm sure everyone knows who the new boss is. Pushing one's weight around, and showing your ego's true colors will only lead to resentment and failure to cooperate. This in-turn leads to employee dissatisfaction and most likely, a lack in quality produced products. Third on this list is "change everything". Trying to " re-invent the wheel" will most likely lead to the discomfort of employees. Most people find it hard to change with the times. Most feel comfortable by staying with routine and what he/she knows. Moving individuals out of his/her comfort zone can have a negative impact on performance. With that said though, sometimes change is necessary, considering that our economic system is financially unstable, which in turn is effecting the way companies are doing business in this...
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