Job Satisfaction

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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What Factors Are Most Important to Your Job Satisfaction?
Gilberto Carreras
Kaplan University

Now days everyone needs a job, Men, Women, Teens and everyone has different opinions on their job satisfaction. Based on my opinion and my research I will present what five factors that are important to me in the job force. There is so much that people wants from their jobs, however every day employers are cutting benefits and the employee does not have a choice, just to accept it. What I believe is important to me is a work place that can offer a good Benefit package, career advancement, competitive pay, a good relationship with co-workers and immediate supervisor.

Employee Benefits are defined as additional resources offered by employers in addition to wages. Benefits have always played an important role for an employer to attract and retain employees. Health care benefit is one of the compensation that can retain the employees in the organization. Nowadays, health care is an important criterion that employees concern to remain in the existing organization. In the view of Madrian, even among those fortune enough to have employer-provided health insurance, there is increasing concern that it discourages individuals with preexisting conditions from changing jobs and for those who do change jobs, it often means finding a new doctor because insurance plans vary from firm to firm (Madrian, 1994).The provision of health care is tied to the employment. By providing health insurance to all the employees may also postpone the retirement of some elder workers whose employers did not previously provide health insurance (Madrian, 1994). Career advancement opportunities

Everybody wants advancement in their lives especially in job career because career is of great importance. The happiness of life of a person in real meaning depends upon the career. People like to choose career according to their interests and abilities to earn livelihood. In...
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