Kudler Fine Foods Reorganization

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Kudler Fine Foods Reorganization

Every organization must deal with various aspects of organizational behavior such as job satisfaction as in Kudler Fine Foods. There are various ways to measure job satisfaction to assist in gauging how positive an employee feels toward his job. Some of these various ways include employee surveys, measuring employee absenteeism, exit interviews, retention statistics among many others. The following will discuss how managers can effectively can these various methods to measure the degree of their employee's job satisfaction. Additionally Kudler Fine Foods is investigating restructuring their organization to create a more cohesive company structure for their continued growth. Numerous personality tests provide important insight to the organization for employee personalities. It is important to select a personality test that will provide accurate insight to promote team cohesion. The evaluations will provide feedback about an employee’s personality in various categories such as thinking, feeling, sensing, etc. The Jung Typology Test is a test that evaluates an individual’s personality by answering a variety of true or false questions. The design of these questions is to discover the individual’s personal strengths in one’s personality. The test breaks down the results, on a scale from 0% to 100%, into four criteria, which are: extroversion – introversion, sensing – intuition, thinking – feeling, and finally judging – perceiving. The combinations of each criterion can be broken down into acronyms, ISTJ (Introvert, Sensing Thinking, and Judging) or ENFP (Extravert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving) (HUMANMETRICS Jung Typology Test™, 1998). The Jung Typology Test is a personality evaluation, which Kudler Fine Foods can benefit greatly from by implementing this evaluation into their reorganization. The Jung Typology Test provides feedback in the various criteria, which are relevant to the organization. By having everyone in the company evaluate their personality, management will understand better how to interact with their team members and have the information to improve performance. Management will assign duties based upon personality with the expectation of a more cohesive team. The personality profile scoring will provide the employee with personality information that the employee may use to improve or modify his work behaviors to improve communication and performance. The website provides insight from three sources with personality descriptions. Each source provides different insight to the employee’s personality profile. One source provides work habits and practices. The second source has academic information that the employee may use for continuing education. The last source has information specific to the employee’s personality. The employee may use the information to determine opportunities for improving their work behavior and other opportunities to leverage his personality based on the results from the survey. The organization may use the results of the personality profiles to realign staffing roles. Analysis of the results from the surveys may indicate certain employees are not at the best role or teams that are unbalanced. Balancing the team with diverse personality types may improve team performance. Teams with diverse personalities would change the culture of the organization. Creating a balanced team with the diverse personalities poses challenges for management, and the personality assessments become a valuable tool for team assignments. The organizations reliance on the outcome of the personality assessments is higher, and the organization will need to adjust the team assignment practice based on analysis of the personality assessment results. There are three basic models for effective decision-making within any organization; rational decision-making, bound rationality, and intuition. As a manager of a food store, this person will have to use...
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