Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction of nursing staff: integrative review

Job satisfaction consists of a feeling of wellbeing, resulting from the interaction of several occupational aspects, and may influence the worker's relationship with the organization, clients and family. Hence, it becomes important for the quality of nursing care to reflect on this topic in depth. Therefore, this study aimed to examine the scientific evidence related to job satisfaction in Brazilian nursing. An integrative literature review was carried out in the databases LILACS, MEDLINE, BDENF and Cochrane Library, totaling 17 publications, categorized in: Job Satisfaction, Job Dissatisfaction and Associated Factors. It was concluded that job satisfaction is determined by a complex network of factors and may vary depending on the group studied. Additional research, particularly of evidence level III in different nursing fields, covering all of Brazil, is necessary to support the implementation of occupational improvements. Descriptors: Nursing; Evidence-Based Nursing; Job Satisfaction. Introduction

Job satisfaction is a complex and subjective phenomenon, whose definition varies according to the adopted theoretical framework. Different authors conceptualize it as a pleasant emotional state, resulting from multiple aspects of work. It can be influenced by individuals' worldviews, aspirations, sadness and joy, thus affecting their attitude towards themselves, family and organization(1-4). Job satisfaction most commonly influences productivity, performance, absenteeism, turnover, organizational citizenship, health and wellbeing, satisfaction with life and client satisfaction. Therefore, it has turned into a source of organizational concerns, also in health, which presents, on the one hand, satisfaction with the relief of other people's suffering and, on the other, dissatisfaction with the work overload and its precarious conditions, leading to physical and mental exhaustion, low self-esteem and loss of interest in clients' comfort, triggering behaviors that range from attentiveness to joy, speed and efficiency to irritability, disinterest, bad mood and indelicacy(5). In that context, research on job satisfaction of nursing staff can contribute to identify problems in health services, plan possible solutions and consequent improvements in the work environment and in the quality of care delivery. Thus, this study aimed to analyze available scientific evidence on job satisfaction in Brazilian nursing; to describe the identification data of the publications under analysis, affiliation and type of journal; to assess the methodological characteristics of the analyzed studies, classifying them according to evidence level(6) and to describe job satisfaction of nursing staff in Brazil, according to the investigated publications.

Methodological procedure
To accomplish this study, the integrative literature review was chosen, based on the work of Ganong(7), Broome(8) and Whittemore and Knalf(9). This specific review method permits the inclusion of different research designs (experimental, quasi-experimental and non-experimental), covers theoretical and empirical literature(9)and comprises six phases: identification of the problem or inquiry, establishment of article inclusion/exclusion criteria (sample selection), definition of information to be withdrawn from the selected papers, information analysis, result interpretation and presentation of the review. To guide this integrative review, the following question was formulated: what scientific evidence exists on job satisfaction of nursing staff in Brazil between 2000 and 2009? The article search covered the databases: Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Literature (LILACS); Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System (MEDLINE), Nursing Database (BDENF) and the Cochrane Library, using the following health science descriptors: satisfação no emprego, enfermeiros, enfermeiras, auxiliares de...
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