Job Enlargement, Job Rotation, Cross Training

Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Human behavior Pages: 3 (715 words) Published: March 30, 2009
Human Behavior in Organizations: An Introduction
"My academic training didn't really prepare me for my biggest job challenge-understanding and motivating people." a recent Northeastern Graduate


For most of us, our career success will be largely a function of our skills in understanding and influencing human behavior. This is because most of what you will be doing is shaping the behavior of others. As you can see in the chart below, a typical manager spends little of his or her time in what we think of as traditional management. Most of the time is spent in working with and through people. Thus your people skills will probably be the most critical you can develop. You will have to be a skillful psychologist. This is true whether or not you are a manager; even as a subordinate, you will only be successful if you have skills at interpersonal influence, motivation, and communication with your superiors, peers, and yourself. But since most of you will eventually be in management it is important to note that is one of the few fields where you will be judged less on what you do and more on what others do as a result of your interpersonal skills. Look at a list of the ten most frequently cited skills of effective managers: 1. verbal communication

2. managing time and stress
3. managing individual decisions
4. recognizing, defining, and solving problems
5. motivating and influencing others
6. delegating
7. setting goals and articulating a vision
8. self-awareness
9. team building
10. managing conflict
What role does individual difference play in human behavior? By focusing on theories and models of human behavior, this is not to suggesdt that placed in similar situaitons, all people will react alike. Individual differences certainly plays a role in behavior. However, there are certain fundamental consistencies underlying the behavior of all individuals that can be identified and then modified to reflect individual...
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