Job Application Process

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Attached is the formal report on the job application process and promotion process that was asked of me. It has been completed on April 16, 2010 and will be submitted on April 16, 2010. This report should be given to students about to graduate so they are aware of the proper procedure on applying for a job and applying for a promotion. Please read and give me any feedback on the report

Executive Summary

Applying for a job is the first step towards success. There are a few key concepts that an applicant should know before applying. The applicant should be honest, committed, and have excellent writing skills. They should be able to communicate not only with clients but with others in the workplace. Communication is the key to success in a career. The applicant should be well dressed and professionally groomed to show that they are ready for the job. Having a well written resume is another necessity. Having a resume that is different from other applicants will separate it from the rest. Having short and to the point features about yourself that include brief work and volunteer history will make the resume easy to read and attractive.

After the successful application process come promotions. Promotions are given based on existence of open positions on which a person is promoted and on the evaluation of the employee to handle the additional responsibilities. The openings for promotion are created in different ways that include promotion or transfer of an employee at a higher position, development in the company, and people at higher positions retiring or resigning from the company.  More companies now hire from colleges and universities because the employees that come from postsecondary education tend to do better in the workforce and can learn quickly. Education is not the only thing that will get the employee a promotion, interpersonal skills and networking is important. Promotions can be based on age and seniority, good resulting trend, certain positions in the company or any combination.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary2
Table of Figures4
Application Process5
Good Applicant5
Things to Avoid6
Promotion Overview6
Types of Promotion7
How to get a promotion8
How to Prepare for Promotion as a Student9
Works Cited11

Table of Figures
Figure 12
Figure 2 3
Figure 3 4
Figure 4 6

Application Process
Applying to a job after a student is done their education is a complicated process. Companies are looking for more than a degree; personality and key values are important to how that company hires. There are certain features that hiring a manager looks for in an applicant and things that they avoid as well. Some of these key values are honesty, commitment and writing skills. Good Applicant

Figure [ 1 ] [ (Team 2008) ]
First impressions mean everything when applying for a job. The best way to make that good impression is for the applicant to be well groomed and dressed (see figure 1). It is always better to be overdressed than overdressed. Acting in a professional manner is beneficial, showing the company that the applicant is ready for the responsibility and is not cocky. A good applicant is honest in their entire life, from the stories they tell to their resume. Current employers use a variety of questions to find if the applicant is honest or not. Ideally the employer to trust the employee to do their tasks on time and to be a model employee. If a employee lies and steals, it is not only bad for the employee, but for the company as well. Having commitment in the workplace gives the employee and other workers drive and excitement to work. Commitment lies hand in hand with honesty. The employee should be committed to the career and be focused on the task at hand. If the applicant has the passion to work their work will not be dull and will get clients excited which is better for the business. Writing skills is a must now in the workplace....
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