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We, M.TALHA ZAHOOR SURVE, PRASHANT SURESH CHAUDHARI, BIKASH TARKESHWAR DUBEY, hereby declare that the project report entitled. “A Project on Brand Preference of customers with reference to Price Positioning” under the guidance of Mr. SHALABH JAIN & Mr. PRASHANT UPADHYAY submitted in partially fulfilment of the requirement for the award of degree of Master of Management Studies to NCRD’s Sterling Institute of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai, is my original work research study - carried out during the period 7th May, 2012 to 11th June, 2012 and not submitted for the award of any degree, diploma, fellowship or other similar titles or prizes to any other institution/organization or university by any other person. The contents of report are a true expression of my efforts on the said topic.


Today in India. J.K Organization occupies a place of pride in industrial and commercial. Fields .The Singhania family struggled over last two centuries and contributed to the economic and social growth of India. In the process of industrialization. They attend the present place of destination among the top industrial pioneers of the country. M/S J.K.Cement works is a division of J.K. Synthetics Limited. Kanpur a member of J.K.Organization. Which is a multi product and multi unit company with diversified operation in synthetic fibers, Cement plants (gray & white) , Power generation etc. The project entitled “Brand Preference of customers with reference to price positioning of J.K CEMENT in Pune.”The focus of the report is to get the crystal clear understanding of the Brand positioning of J.K Cement in Pune. With the growing Indian economy and the government policies for infrastructure the demand for cement is increasing and seeing this as an opportunity we are under taking many new projects for expansion of the production which are under implementation for increasing the capacity of the plants. Brand position with reference to pricing has been taken into the consideration by two ways – overall study of the whole J.K Market & by Doing Survey of whole cement market in Pune. The project contains the basic things which are necessary for knowing Brand-Positioning of Company with reference to the Pricing policies of the Company. Firstly is the Market is done by us in Pune by taking SIX major Brands J.K Cement, Vasavadatta Cement , Ambuja Cement, UltratechCement, ACC Cement & Coromandel Cement . Data collected by us is only from Dealers & sub-dealers .After data collection Research Methodology is done & find out the Brand-Preference with reference to price of cement in PUNE. In a nut-shell after the completion of my Brief & Vast report on the crucial subject matter of knowing the “Brand-Price positioning of J.K Cement”. We in our long lasting view has brought an eternal light towards “Findings, Suggestions & Constraints” regarding the Brand Position of the J.K Cement which can play a vital role in taking it to the heights of the Success & goodwill to capture a good market share in this Neck-To-Neck Competition Creating hyper tension.


“When a person is help, guide and co-operated his or her heart is bound to pay gratitude” Words are indeed inadequate to convey my deep sense of gratitude to all those who have helped me in completing my summer project to the best of my ability. Being a part of this project has certainly been a unique and a very productive experience on my part.

I am very thankful to J.K CEMENT for giving me such a golden chance to undergo training in their organization. I am really thankful to Mr. Kaustubh Dadhich for assigning me a project of such a great learning experience and acquainting me with real life project, financing and appraisal. I would also like to thank my mentor...
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