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Critical Success factors
Customer experience
as a service based company; customer satisfaction is the paramount of our survivability. Without which will lead us to failure. A when there are no customers, there will be no participants in the program, thus leading to having no income and thus the eventual closure. “Inside our heads” program helps develop participants intelligence and most importantly gives participants a hands on experience of their dream career to the customer which is unique in the Singaporean market. We continue to strike to exceed customer’s expectation, as is if we do not, it will cause the customers to be dissatisfied and thus leading to switching to competitors and spreading negative word of mouth, affecting acquisitions, thus affecting profits in a long run. Relationships with Trainers/coaches

“inside our heads” is in the education (self-development) industry, therefore we may have the best ideas and most impressive brand name, but the reputation of the brand name and the quality of the service delivered very much depend on the trainers and coaches. We need to make the trainers feel a sense of belonging to the “inside our heads” family, so we feel that is important for them to benefit from joining the company. That’s why all the trainers selected will be going through a 100 hours training in presentation skills and child and teen psychology. Besides that we will also be setting aside a certain budget every year to send the trainers to attend seminars and training programs to keep them updated on the latest industry. Not only it further develops the trainer’s skills and also makes the trainers feel more value working with “inside our heads”. Relationship with strategic partners

After the participants graduate, they will get to apply the values they have learnt during the empowering camp through hands on experience of their dream career. And in order to give each child the chance to explore and experience what their particular dream...
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