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Unit 11:

This final unit is devoted to (a) providing additional resources and tools necessary for conducing effective training and development and (b) seeing effective training and development in practice. To that end it contains two sections: The Trainer’s Toolbox and Corporate T&D Best practices. The fist provides additional tools that will round out an effective training program. The other provides a tour of some of the best practices used in corporate training and development.

The Trainer’s Toolbox

To this point, we have covered how to conduct a needs analysis, how to analyze data, how to conduct a training intervention, and how to evaluate that intervention. The trainer’s toolbox contains two important documents:

• Training Plan Log
• Participant’s Guide

The Training Log is a template or document that will help keep training interventions organized. See the Training Plan Log document below (double click to enlarge) to learn more. A participant’s guide is a document that helps training participants understand the process and expectations of a given training and development intervention.

The Participant’s Guide

All participants in a training session should receive a participant’s guide. The participants guide is a collection of handouts or a workbook that contains all the information, worksheets, activities, and instructions that will be used in the training.

When developing the participant’s guide consider the following:

• Use the training objectives to determine what will be in the participant’s guide

• Include all activities and instructions in the participant’s guide

• The participant’s guide should parallel the order of the modules/units in the training intervention as closely as possible

• Determine the participant guide’s format (outline versus full text, brief overview statements versus greater detail)

• Number...
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