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English 101 Name:
Mrs. Hoffman-JonesDate due:

Grade sheet for Description/Narration Essay Fall 2012

Directions: For this first essay, you need to write about a memorable place that has an emotional pull. Be sure to use an attention getter in your introduction. Tell a story, using the senses to describe this place to your audience (class members). Remember to write approx. 600-900 words = 2-3 pages. Also, please use size 12 TNR font and double space. Below is exactly what I am looking for in the essay as well as the points assigned for each criterion.

You created your own, original title_____/2

You indentedeach paragraph_____/2

You included my initials on your free write and sensory chart_____/4

Introduction’s strongly worded with a strong attention getter_____/5

Your thesis statement is the last sent. of your intro. and underlined_____/6

You wrote in either first or third person point of view (no “you”)_____/7

You have written a minimum of 5 paragraphs (about 2-3 pages)_____/5

You successfully described your topic_____/7

You successfully told a narrative/story_____/7

All paragraphs are unified and cohesive_____/5

You effectively organized your paper in chronological or emphatic order_____/5

Your conclusion effectively summarizes your key points_____/5 (no new information in conclusion)

There are no fragments or run-ons (-1 point per error)____/10

There are no other grammatical errors (-1 per error)____/10

Style- includes voice, word choice, and phrasing____/5

Your score_____/85
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