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Topics: Pregnancy, Sexual intercourse, Rape Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Abortion is the premediatated killing of an innocent, unborn human being. The baby is either removed from the womb, by taking pills to cause a miscarriage or by surgery. Each year, nearly 1.2 million American women have an abortion to end a pregnancy. Approximately 1. 2 million abortions are done every year, making abortion the nation’s most frequently performed surgical procedure. The most common reasons women get abortions are because of the lack of birth control use, inabiltiy to support or care for a child, to prevent a child with birth defects, rape, physical or mental conditions, or even fear. Many people fear that finacially they wont be able to support the child. “I don’t want my child to suffer, I don’t want my child to be poor” Some mother’s think that this is the case when it is really not, it may seem like you are alone but you are not, the government can help you until you are finacially stable. Humans concepts and reasonings from parents or other third parties can prevent a child from coming into the world. The greatest mission of every women would be to bear a child. Having a baby is in one way or another a painful process, even if a woman was to have a caesarean birth the pain after the baby is born can sometimes be still unbearable. Rape is a horrible abuse and can sometimes be a cause of a female having an abortion. Every 2 minutes someone in the U.S is sexually assaulted. To know that you are carrying a child because you have been raped can sometimes have an emotional affect on you and can also cause you to get an abortion. But why does an innocent creature have to pay for someone elses’s crime? 54% of sexual assaults are not reported to police but, 97% of rapist will never spend a day in jail. In my opnion, I do not think that having an abortion is the way to go. Besides, the religious views, aborting a child is morally wrong, killing an innocent child can have physchological and emotional affect on the mother and father. Although, the...
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