Jesus: Our Spiritual Foundation

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Jesus Is Our Spiritual Foundations

The term “foundation” has been borrowed from the language of building and achitecture. It refers to the very first thing we do in build—we prepare a solid and stable support for the superstucture. Since the foundation bears the weight of the entire structure, it must be done well. More than one building has later dagged or even fallen because of a faulty foundation. The taller the building is to be the deeper the foundation must be. Which are: (1) Repentance from dead works. (2) Faith toward God. (3) The doctrine of baptisms. (4) Laying on of hands. (5) Resurrection of the dead. (6) Eternal judgment.

When we fail to put into practice what we have heard from God, we only fool ourselves. He will require of us an accounting of what we did with everything we heard. If we make a habit of not doing what we are told, we soon become lawless, and eventually will be called “workers of inquity, or lawleseness” (Matthew 7:21-23). If we make a habit of not really listening, we will lose the power to hear. When the storm comes—and it does in every life—we will not be able to stand.

Only as we experience Christ in these foundation truths can we become different people. We face not only the tests of our future in this life, but the judgment of God in the next life. We will not continue growing if we fail to lay some foundation stones in our lives; we will remain babes on “milk”.

The Bible gives us clear evidence that trials and tribulations will come against each believer to test his faith. It is incumbent upon each of us to insure that our life in Christ is built on solid rock and not on shifting sand and makes it aboundantly clear how important the foundation is. But in addition, we as a local church learned by experience the sad results of failing to heed the Bible’s instruction. We had experienced years and years of revival—the refreshing rain of His presence among us. We had seen hundreds and even...
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