Jeffrey Arnett's Theory of Emerging Adulthood

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Jeffery Arnett’s Theory of Emerging Adulthood

Jeffrey Arnett’s theory revolves around emerging adulthood. His theory states that the age of emerging adulthood is between the ages eighteen to twenty-five. During our seminar we reviewed the different questions we had prepared for our discussion. We started off by asking what people thought emerging adulthood was and what our group knew about this theorist so far. I think the questions my partner and I prepared were pretty good since it kept the discussion going. We later asked the question “do you think the stages of emerging adulthood are the best years of your life?” which elaborated into a whole discussion with the reasons as to why this is true. Many people agreed that during these years people have the chance to explore the many things they want to do. Since most people between these ages are still living under their parents’ roof they don’t really have as many expenses as they would if they lived independently. So they have more options as to how to spend their money. Another advantage is that between those ages people are not yet settles down with a marriage or even children yet. So basically you’re young, independent and free. In a way. Which is why many people between these ages travel, buy a car and live their lives within these ages. Later on in life they settle down and get married but for now emerging adulthood is still an age considered to be the best ones.
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