Work and Retirement

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  • Published : January 18, 2010
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Work and Retirement

Health Concerns in Adult Development

Aging can play a huge role on the health of an individual. Most importantly, it can define what path someone will take as they move through their adult development. Vocational counselors try to match people with jobs that would “fit” their interests. However, in today’s economy there are many people taking jobs to make ends meet and not for the interest of doing it. How does this affect our development and what impact does this play on our health? There are points of interests that psychologists have studied, analyzed and evaluated to help us determine the healthy and unhealthy aspects of aging as it relates to work and retirement.

As we develop, we seek to establish ourselves in society. There are many things that need to occur for us to do this. As we age, we find work or careers that guide us into new areas in our life journey. The process of work and growing come with some burden for some and satisfactions for others. Most importantly, “out jobs provide a good deal of our identity and self-esteem.” (Bjorklund & Bee, 2008) I agree that our identities are part of our jobs or careers. Donald Super was a vocational psychologist that developed a theory called “life span/life space theory”. He proposed that we developed through five stages as we move through life and our career. This is a great theory to describe what impacts us as we move through our life span. I would argue that the third and fourth stage play the most heavily on our health as we age. These stages are the establishment stage (25-44 yrs.) and the maintenance stage (45-65 yrs.) in which our current status and jobs are involved with the rest of our social lives. As we establish careers, we try to stabilize, consolidate and advance in our jobs. This brings pressures in the work place alone that can trickle into the personal life. While in maintenance, holding the job while trying to innovate and update tasks are...
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