Topics: Psychology, Sex, Male Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Annotated  Bibliography
Hupka, B. R., & Bank, L. A. (1996). Sex differences in jealousy: evolution or social construction? Cross-Cultural Research, 30(1), 24-59.  
Ward, J., & Voracek, M. (2004). Evolutionary and social cognitive explanations of sex  differences in romantic jealousy.  Australian Journal of Psychology, 56(3), 165-171. doi: 10.1080/00049530412331283381

Sex differences in romantic jealousy have been widely reported in the recent psychological literature. According to this literature, men are more likely than women to report being more distressed at sexual than emotional infidelity. There are two explanations for this difference: an evolutionary psychological and a social cognitive explanation. According to the evolutionary psychological account, men and women exhibit differences in jealousy because they faced different reproductive challenges during human evolution. According to the social cognitive account, men and women exhibit these differences because they have been socialised to believe that attachment and sex are weighted differently by each gender. In this study, 268 participants completed a questionnaire designed to compare predictions based on these two theories. The results are generally consistent with the evolutionary account. Men are more distressed by sexual infidelity than by emotional infidelity, and this is not accounted for by beliefs about jealousy that they hold about men, women or themselves.

When men and women are born, the behavior differences between us are structured through our culture, and we are born into this world with certain learned behaviors and also instinctive traits. We learn friendship, loyalty, responsibility and a myriad of other platitudes of a human’s life that empowers us I our society. We build relationships, fall in love, and start families. Somewhere along the lines of our lives, men and women respond to certain circumstances in their relationships by many different instinctive ways....
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