Jealousy as a Destructive Force. the Notion of Jealousy Is Remarkably Complex. It Can Be Regarded as Proof of Great Love or as a Destructive Force. on the One Hand, It Is Typical of a Human Being to Appreciate What He

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Husband Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Jealousy as a destructive force.
The notion of jealousy is remarkably complex. It can be regarded as proof of great love or as a destructive force. On the one hand, it is typical of a human being to appreciate what he or she bas but on the other hand, if one values it too much, the feeling results in its destruction. The story «Pretty mouth and Green my eyes» by Salinger proves this point of view. The fact that jealousy is one of the main topics in the story emerges even in the titles as ‘jealousy’ is metaphorically called “green-eyed monster”. Here we can observe an allusion to Shakspeare’s tragicomedy “The merchant of Venice” where the expression is used for the first tim. In the story by Salinger the main character, Arthur, is extremely suspicious of his wife. He says,”I practically have to keep myself from opening every goddam closet door Iexpect to find a bunch of bustards hiding all over the place.” Speaking about a possibility of his wife having an affair with a “cop”, a “delivery boy”, an “elevator boy”, Arthur loses control of himself, he uses taboo words and sounds very nervous. Moreover, he is undecided about his feelings towards Joane. He says “ I don’t have lave anymore either…I do and I don’t. It varies.” Arthur calls her “pathetic”, “animal”, says “she hasn’t got any goddam brains”. At the same time he recollects moments that they had spent when they started going around together. For example, he speaks with affection about Joanes’s white gloves, about the poem he sent to her. The jealousy truly destroyed Arthur himself:”I’m weak. That’s the whole thing in a nutshell”. It shows up in his career. Joanne is destroyed either: I’m limp. I’m absolutely limp.” The woman lacks self-confidence, she tries to do her best as she asks her husband if he thinks;”she has a good mind”. Arthur does not understand her. His only way to prove his love is jealousy which brings their marriage nowhere as Joane betrays her husband, being under the pressure of his...
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