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Rizal’s Travel in Europe, Asia, and America
Rizal planned to go to Europe and other parts of the globe to observe and to study the existing systems to prepare the Philippines for its liberation. Spain
His departure for Spain was kept a secret to his parents. Before he left, he wrote two letters: one for his parents and the other one for Leonor Rivera. In Spain, he studied at Universidad Central de Madrid. He studied French, German, and English. He also joined the free masonry to secure its aid in his fight against the friars. And together with other propagandist in Europe, they established La Solidaridad as the official news paper of the movement. He wrote “Amor Patrio”. It was the first article he wrote in Spain. He had so many observations in Spain, one of which was his observation of the Spanish women. According to him Spanish women were gossipy, frivolous, and quarrelsome.  

Rizal had many good impressions in America. He saw the material progress of the country. He knew Reno, Nevada which was dubbed as the Biggest Little City in the World. But he observed that democracy and freedom was not practiced.  

Rizal spent some times in Germany. In Leipzig, he wrote To the Flowers of Heidelberg when he remembered the flowers in his native land. He made arts, one of which was the sketch from the story The Monkey and the Turtle. In Berlin he experienced his darkest winter when he ran out of money. He wasn’t even able to pay for the laundry. He also had one meal a day: bread and water and cheap vegetable soup. His brother wasn’t able to send him money because their crop in Laguna was infested. In Berlin he also studied ophthalmology, science, and languages. He also published his Noli Me Tangere in this German city. Some say that he got the inspiration after reading Harriet Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. He found it hard to publish this novel due to lack of funds. But his friend Maximo Viola lent him 300PHP to print 2000 copies for its publication. He...
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